Saturday, May 19, 2007

Old People Have No Creativity

I guess that's why:
While others would likely suggest otherwise, [66-year old inventor Leonard Duffy] doesn't seem willing to budge on the name, insisting that "it's slidingly engaging... it's the slidingly engaging fastener."
Winner of a Popular Science invention award, SEF is able to support eight times the weight of velcro and is COMPLETELY SILENT. BTW, when you invent something better than SEF, you get to call it whatever you want; until then, STFU with even the slightest name critiques, deal?

Oh yeah, and just be sure to remember that all old people have nothing to offer because they've lost all their creativity, initiative, focus, and ambition when you pay $200 for that first pair of arrogant punk-ass SEF shoes, right?

Yes, it's a rare cross-post, so relax already.

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